The Tiffany cat

the tiffany cat

The Tiffany cat history

The Tiffany cat breed history begins in 1967. Back then, Jennie Robinson who owned "Neotype Cattery" in New York adopted two Foreign Chocolate-Brown Longhaired cats with golden eyes. The two cats, Thomas and Shirley, had an unknown background and were being sold as part of an estate sale. Mrs Robinson judged that the two cats probably derived from the same parents, however they were not litter-mates. In 1969 nature took its course and their first litter of 6 kittens was a fact. All six of them were identical, bore the same chocolate longhair coat and above all, amazed both Mrs. Robinson and her vet. Mrs Robinson intrigued, undertook a breeding program that led to the ACA registration of Thomas, Shirley and their decedents as Foreign Longhair cats.

Robinson’s cattery was later purchased by a Burmese breeder, Sigyn Lund, who began using the reference "The Tiffany Cat", a reference to a well-known theater in Los Angeles that was famed for its elegance during the 1920s. The new name was easily adapted by the rest of the breeders, as all believed that Foreign Longhairs was a very generic name. Later, in order to differentiate the breed from British cats also named Tiffany, the name Chantilly was added to it.

The Tiffany cat personality

The Tiffany cat is loyal and devoted to its owners. It will follow them around the house, from room to room and will converse with them in quiet "chirps" and thrills. It is not demanding and gets on well with children and other pets. Gentle and affectionate, it makes the perfect companion for people working full time.

The Tiffany cat breed standards

The Tiffany cat is a medium-sized cat of striking appearance. Its head is medium sized, broad, wedge shaped with gentle curves. The nose is gently sloped, bearing a short, broad muzzle that is softly squared with gentle contours and carries a break. Its chin is firm and cheekbones are broad and high.

The eyes should be preferably of golden and yellow amber color, oval shaped and very expressive.

The ears of the Tiffany cats are medium sized, broad at the base and with rounded tips. They bare long streamers and are titling forward and outward.

Its body is medium sized with a moderate musculature and bone structure. Its legs are long and slender, ending to small and round paws.

The Tiffany cat coat is semi long, silky, soft and smooth. The lack of undercoat usually makes grooming simpler than that of cats with an undercoat. Originally found only in the color of chocolate, Chantilly/ Tiffany now occurs in a range of colors including chocolate, blue, cinnamon, lilac, and fawn. Accepted patterns are solid, mackerel, ticked, and spotted tabby. The color is rich while shading in solids may occur toward the underside.