A little bit of history

I have been loving cats ever since I remember myself. First it was my Hello Kitty set that my aunt gave me when I was born. Then it was the drawing of the whole Hello Kitty family that a neighbor made for me when I was three. And then I discovered the real cat world, but not actually. You see I had a lot of chances of getting in touch with these furry little creatures who would stroll around the neighborhood, giving me clever glimpses, but around there, there was also my mother...

My mother hates animals, all of them. She hated the tiny little newborn tortoise I found in the middle of the street and I took home, she kicked my classmate's boxer dog (he bit her back), she hates the birds, she hates the ants, she hates everything. And I happened to like all animals (all right, count the cockroaches out) and to adore cats. I desperately wanted to have a cat. I tried to sneak a couple of them in the house, no luck. I tried to make a cozy house for them outside the house, the same goes for it.

One day I went to live alone. I took up a second job in order to pay the high rent in Kifissia - something like Manhattan - and I started a Master degree. I didn't even think of adopting a cat, I was so busy, so stressed that it didn't even cross my mind. And then my beloved partner came in my life. And he took me to his place. And the first time I stepped foot in his house something magical happened: a beautiful, gorgeous, absolutely lovely kitten followed me in the house. It was Charles. And after a few months more kittens followed. It was Lou and then Titi and Carmen and Javier and Stephanos.

Good night from all of us!